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Corporate Ghostwriting

SUPPOSE YOU could create a piece of advertising with no monthly fee that would increase your business credibility and visibility for decades to come. Now suppose this gem would repay your investment indefinitely. In fact, the very customers or clients you seek would pay you for the privilege of reading it.

THIS BUSINESS booster is real and available to anyone with ideas to share. It works for you 24/7 and can outlive all of your other advertising efforts put together. What is it? It’s a self-published book.

YOUR voice & vision
MY creative & technical
A GREAT book!
Create a quality book from 
any of these elements…

How Can I Write a Book?

Field experts or start-up entrepreneurs may consider themselves too busy or too inexperienced to write a book, let alone distribute one. That’s where a seasoned ghostwriter comes in.

If you can jot down some notes, work up an outline, and be available for interviews, you can author a book. Referrals to a good book packager will help get your message into print and out into the world.

Show What You Know

Who are your potential readers, and what wisdom do you have to offer them? The key to selling books is to tailor your ideas to a target market from the start.

You don’t have to be rich or famous to enlist a ghostwriter to perfect your writing and define your audience. But do so early in the project, before problems arise. A solid foundation will make your book the best it can be, in both a literary and a marketing sense.

A Unique Business Signature

Do you travel, speak, or simply meet people in the course of your work? Then you can sell books–-and solidify your business reputation. A well-made book signed by the author is a valuable, influential, and memorable marketing tool.

Consider two smart and experienced CEOs speaking at a panel discussion. The one carrying a book with her name on it will be considered the authority on the subject, hands down.





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Ghostwriting is the creation of professional, artful text from the work or concepts of another individual. The ghostwriter typically relinquishes copyright to this author.

When you see a byline that reads “By Juanita Doe and/with Nancy Osa,” the person named after the “and” or “with” is a ghostwriter. This professional determines how best to express the author’s ideas in order to reach a general or specific readership.