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Frequently Asked

Q. What do you know about commercial publishing?

A. As an award-winning novelist, I’ve been through the editorial process at big publishing houses. I know what authors are going through and what commercial editors and publishers look for in a finished, marketable book.

Q. I have notes and an outline. Can you turn those into a book?

A. Definitely. I first define what you want to say and whom you want to tell it to, and then fill in the space between points A and B with artful prose or attractive informational text.

Q. How much does book editing or ghostwriting cost?

A. The cost can drop to zero if your book makes a splash. Consider the investment refundable or depreciable when you either sell books, increase your business, or get a tax write-off. Up-front fees depend on length, subject matter, state of existing text, and intended purpose for the final product. Contact me for a free estimate and work plan.

Q. How long does it take?

A. Until it’s well done. I’ve written rough drafts in as little as two weeks and taken as many as 18 months to perfect lengthy books. As a sole proprietor, working efficiently and with focus is in my best interest.

Q. What do you know about self-publishing?

A. I’ve been on duty since the craze started in the 1990s and have dozens of self-published books to my credit. I’ll walk you through the specifics and offer referrals for services that I don’t provide.

Q. My print-on-demand service includes editing. Why should I hire a freelance editor first?

A. Best answer: for the Wow! Factor. You’ll want to make your book manuscript the best it can be before sending it out into the world. The for-hire editors at packaging companies work to a standard format, not customized to your style or your readers’ needs. Staff turnover and experience levels affect the quality of their work. By choosing an independent editor first, you can control the quality of your text and let the house editors adjust your final draft to their style standards.

Q. My publisher wants “printer-ready” copy. Can you produce that?

A. Yes. I perform every stage of editing and proofreading necessary to achieve printer-ready and publisher-worthy text.

Q. I can’t seem to finish my book. Can you help?

A. You bet. Every project must end, eventually. I know the creation process so well that some clients call me “the closer.”

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